Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I Blame Kimberly

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I bought some new fabric last weekend. I blame this all on Kimberly because she decided to be productive and make project bags from her fabric stash. I don't know about you, but I have been obsessed with project bags lately. I stalk Etsy and Instagram for cool new project bags and make up imaginary shopping lists in my head.

I have a large fabric stash myself but realized recently that I don't love sewing. I like the things you can make with it but the process is not very fun for me. So my fabric was just languishing in my apartment when suddenly Kimberly told me that she was on a mission to use her fabric and make some project bags. While I thought this was a good idea, it didn't make me want to bust out by sewing machine. Then Kimberly needed some contrasting fabric and asked me to go to Joann's with her. While there, I purchased more fabric! Halloween is near and they had some awesome zombie fabric (I love zombie stuff) and I could not resist. Still, even after purchasing this fabric, I planned to just put it in my stash and not sew with it anytime soon. Then she sent me this.

Aren't they adorable? After seeing her pics, I decided that maybe I would just try to make one project bag again, just to practice.  Although I messed up a lot, the end result was a pretty cute sock bag (yes, we both stashed the same fabric, unbeknownst to the other).

Making it was a pretty arduous process and I thought I was done with sewing for a while. But I really, really wanted my zombie bag for Halloween and I felt that I could make the bag faster this time since had messed up so much on my first bag. So, crazy person that I am, the next night I just started cutting for a new project bag, this one slightly larger.

Zombies!!! I love this one because who doesn't want to knit with zombies?

I don't want to give too much away because Kimberly and I plan on talking about our sewing adventures on the next podcast but I'll leave you with the two tutorials that we used to make our bags.

Tutorial for Kimberly's bags
Tutorial for Thuy's bags

Do we have any other listeners who like to sew out there?

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