Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vista Fiber Arts Fiesta Recap

Hi, everyone! Just popping in for a quick post to tell you a little bit about the Vista Fiber Arts Fiesta that I attended a couple of weeks ago. I don't want to get too details since I recapped the whole thing in Episode 4, but I had some fun pics that I wanted to share for those who might not follow me on Instagram

My friend P and I arrived at the Air & Steam Engine Museum around 10am right when it opened. We were greeted with this sign.

Not sure why, but this cracks me up. I did not have to dodge any tractors, thankfully. We made a single round of the vendors when we got there, stopping to fondle everything. There were some really great indie dyers at the show. Some of my favorites are below.

Knittter's Brewing Company

Candy Skein

more Candy Skein

Silly Sheep Fibers
Lazer Sheep Yarns

Inner Yarn Zen

There was also a really cool weaving barn with a bunch of looms. Some were really old while some looked more modern. I have never done any weaving before but hanging out with the looms certainly got me curious about it. I don't have the space for it but maybe one day...

Then we had lunch, which was the pulled pork special. It wasn't my favorite pulled pork ever but it was still tasty. And mmmm, BBQ sauce. 

We also saw alpacas! They were super cute. I wish I could have taken a couple of them home.

I had a really fun time and I would definitely go back next year. If you want more info, please visit the Vista Fiber Arts Fiesta website.

Thanks for stopping by!

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